#122: Rebel With A Cause! with Jake & Amir

We’re on our best behavior because we have our Network Daddies, Jake & Amir (CollegeHumor, If I Were You, founders of HeadGum), on the podcast and they’re thirsty for answers! We invent some famous musicals, snag some BBQ at DinseyWorld, go to musical camp and meet the saddest insects in nature! Enjoy and if you have a chance, check out The Clue Crew guesting on a recent episode of Jake & Amir’s podcast If I Were You and sample all the other wonderful podcasts on the HeadGum network!

Adal Rifai

John Patrick Coan

Erin Keif

Editing by: 

Casey Toney

Theme by: 

Arne Parrott

Logo by: 

Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris

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