#124: Big Grande Part 1! w/ Dan Lippert & Drew Tarver

In this part 1 (of 2!) we’re joined by one half of Big Grande; Dan Lippert (Man Now Dog) and Drew Tarver (The Other Two)! We talk Escape Rooms and Scavenger Hunts, expertly describe Susan Saradon and then Riddle. Solve. Repeat! There’s tigers, tv thieves, post-Harry Dumbledore and even a ruined toilet! Cross your teas and dot your coffee’s, it’s Hey Riddle Riddle! #WiddleWednesday

Check out Dan and Drew in the podcast Teachers Lounge and in their brand new podcasts featured at www.biggrandewebsite.com!

Adal Rifai

John Patrick Coan

Erin Keif

Editing by: 

Casey Toney

Theme by: 

Arne Parrott

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Emily Kardamis & Emmaline Morris

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