Thanks for contributing to! Please read through these instructions for submission.

Episode posts get created automatically a few hours after the podcast is released. These can be found in the admin under “Posts.” On the episode edit screen you can set Old Man Puzzles, add the Headgum episode link, and connect the riddles to the episode. The riddles need to be created separately, and must be created before you add them to an episode.

How to add a riddle:

  1. Log in or register.
  2. Go to the admin dashboard.
  3. On the left, click Riddles -> Add New
  4. Name your riddle using the convention EpisodeNumber.RiddleNumber. For example, the second riddle in the fourth episode is called 4.2
  5. Type out the riddle question and answer in the labeled boxes.
  6. Select the riddle type on the right. If one is not selected, the riddle will not show on the episode page. If none of the categories seem to fit, select Main. We can also add more if it becomes necessary.
  7. Hit the submit for review button.

An admin will approve your riddle and connect it to the relevant episode.

That’s it! Happy contributing. If you run into problems, contact me here. If you haven’t registered yet, sign up here.