I can be harmful and I can be mean. Computers sigh when I come up on screen. I can distract and annoy you all day, buzzing around in a bumbling way

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A bug

You cheer and yell as we entertain, performing tunes in our domain. To slip me on you may need grease. Say my name or hold your peace.

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A band

This will help fix my lonely heart. I am meeting a man who is handsome and smart. We share some fruit. I am not alone. We eat the meat around the stone.

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The guiding light for some in still fright.

With powers some can not explain.

A silver pendant on a chain.

Spun by who we eat from the palm of its hand.

For knowledge and power this pendulum demands.

Well worn with rubble and dense.

If it were to explode, we would all come to an end.

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The moon

I am not art, but I am drawn. I protect you from the dawn.

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I have no brain but I can speak.

Sometimes all I say is Beep.

I am made of tin but I am no man.

I will try to help you if I can.

I may break but I won’t die.

I am often heard after I.

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A robot.

(The fourth line is a reference to Isaac Asimov’s law of robotics, which says robots can not hurt humans and the last one is a reference to his book/movie I,Robot)

Here is a diddy for the did,

a song for that that comes in bits.

I speak no words but you can hear

my message still loud and clear.

I am found quite often on a ship

you may think I am just a blip.

I ham it up in modern times

if you have the call I have the signs.


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Morse code

Many Riddles I do Hold

Hidden somewhere in my Fold

You know me for my big Feet

And in Riddles I might Cheat

I help restore a mighty King

If you know give me a Ring

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The Hobbit

What can you sit on, sleep on and brush your teeth with?

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A chair, a bed and a toothbrush