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Rocky Redneck carried a gun, he had a state issued firearm permit that allowed him to do so and he was careful to obey the law. One day, he went to visit his relatives across the country, in another state. Rocky had firearm permit from that state too and he could legally carry his gun there. He found out from the airlines that he could take his gun with him if it was declared to the airline staff and it was in checked baggage. Ever the law abiding citizen, Rocky packed the gun in a suitcase, told the airline clerk about it, and had the suitcase checked. So why was Rocky arrested for weapons possession?

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Short Answer: Rocky had a layover in another state and didn’t have a permit in that state but decided to get his bag.

Full Answer: (Buckle up for this one, it’s a doozy and shows fundamental misunderstandings on how flying in the US works) Rocky took one airplane to an intermediate stop, got out, and got into a second airplane to his final destination. If he had told the airline that he was doing so, then his fare would have been higher. He was trying to save money by noting that the fares for the separate parts of the trip, were less than the equivalent fare for the whole trip (JPC rightfully found this ridiculous, that’s not how bag check-in works). Therefore he could not check the suitcase directly to the final destination, but had to retrieve it and recheck it at the intermediate stop. Rocky did not have a firearm permit for the state in which he made the intermediate stop, but was carrying the gun, He was arrested for that reason.