Riddie 34.2

The clever bride
There was once a bride who lived with her husband and mother-in-law. The bride was very fond of chick peas. The mother-in-law had a barrel full of chick peas in the kitchen. Every couple of days the bride would steal some chick peas and roast them in secret. Eventually, the barrel became half-empty and the mother-in-law became suspicious of the bride because she was new to the household and no one had ever taken the chick peas before. The bride knew of her suspicious. Once when they were cleaning the kitchen, the bride found a chick pea on the floor. She said three words to the mother-in-law that made the mother-in-law think she didn’t take the chick peas. What were they?

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“What is this?” If she didn’t know what a chick pea was, why would she steal them?